Sunday, May 23, 2010

the GOD theory!

I totally shudder on writing on flammable topics like religion, politics, GOD etc. It invites totally uncalled for debates. But this post is rather my observations and nothing else so you are allowed to differ.

Inspite of spending 12 years of my life in a convent girls school many are shocked that I turned out to be an atheist. And no I didn't choose it coz the name sounds so cool or emo-ish or to stand out among the totally devoted Indian audience, I chose it over the years of my observation. In my school, everyday early morning we had a 45 minute prayer session where we were suppose to stand all the while and join our hands to pray the catholic prayer. We were never given an option to skip the prayer service if we were of different caste or if one didn't believe in God. It was forced into us that God existed and that we had to stand and pray regardless of our religion. It was less of a prayer service and more of a torture as we fought hard to not faint during that time. I am not targeting any particular religion here coz I am sure it would have been the same if I had joined any other religion-based school. The point is why ain't we given a choice? Why is that since we are kids we are forced to follow rituals without providing us the rational approach? I understand that when we are toddlers we cannot make such decisions but atleast our parents should have a say whether they want their kids to pray or not.

All the while I was in school the prayer sessions made me aggressive coz no one told me why was there a need to pray 3 times a day- morning, afternoon and the end of the school. I instead resorted to being stubborn. I never closed my eyes while praying and always looked out of the window. I never joined my hands in the manner I was supposed to. I always gossiped with my friends during the prayer distracting them even. I am not telling this again coz I am proud of it, but when you don't explain a kid the whole idea of thanking and apologizing God all while even when you haven't done anything wrong you cannot expect anything better.

After I was out of the school I was glad that I didn't have to pray any longer but then I noticed that my life did not change after the transition from praying to not-praying. I still lived the similar constant life. At that stage of my life I was Agnostic- confused about the existence of God. Gradually other things started making me sick like when a student never thinks of God the entire year but will never forget to pray the night before the exam or when a man whose vocabulary consists more of abusive words then the articles of the English language never fails to go to a temple every Saturday or when my parents force me to pray only before important events like exams etc. Basically this lead me to believe that God is simply a hypothetical character in our minds to whom with can go to and say sorry to clean our evil deeds. After that God didn't exist for me and at that stage of my life I was an Atheist- a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.

But this does not mean I have anything against the theists- believers in God, coz I am sure they might be having their own reasons for it. I respect it when my parents or friends visit a temple or a church its just if I go with them I go without any faith coz the whole idea seems irrational to me.

P.S. I repeat you are allowed to differ :P 
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  1. hmm... u wore what ever u felt.. its ur wish...I do belive in God,but i wont go to temple... I dont belive in religion.I believe there is some power making the world Go.. and that is GOD,no name/gender for him/her. no shape.. just a power.

  2. Wow! Awesome views, similar to mine. I agree that you should at least give a child to have a say in something. Forcing is making a child more hard, as you said it more properly that you didn't join your hands the way you were supposed to.

    Nice post, loved it! :)

  3. Welcome back to the world of blogging, first of all, Neha! Fuck you, where are the credits for forcing you to write this post? :P Anyway, you've ignited the fire in me. And now, very soon... I'm going to RIP this God, religion, beliefs, philosophies bullshit on my blog!

    Atheism as a whole sounds stupid to me. The belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into self-replicating bits which then became dinosaurs is simply stupid! :)

    God is your imaginary friend. Or, enemy for that regard. Period.

    Just have a look this is my view :-)

  5. very true.. In my school time in hostel we were also sort of forced to have a prayer time .. though it was not one particular religion we had a mixed .. But it was still done with force..

    I am nto at all religious but i do follow sikh religion.. it should be left alone to the individual as to what htey want and how they want to .. So yeah your article is good ..

    and hopefully no debates he he hehe NICE ONE :)

  6. if there is no god there is a need to invent one..hehhe...buddy..u know of late i have matured so much and realised that human spirit is more important tthan any damn dogma...i can get along with anyone from any religion or an athiest..luv all..though i have my own belief..which is based on atma is based on other words..human spirit is originally one of joy...and is polluted merely by wrong thoughts and actions..omg..when did i become a philosopher..u neha, to blame...cheers buddy..respect yr views..

  7. no wonder you turned out to be athest being send into a catholic school. See thats what is wrong with the society the kid is given no option to choose which causes the same loop to be run for ages,

    they say if God steps down onto earth and looks at the mess we created he will say, 'Oh my God!!!'

  8. I dont belive in religion.I believe there is some power making the world Go.. and that is GOD,no name/gender for him/her. no shape.. just a supreme power.

  9. religion doesn't help you in salvation..just faith in HIM will do..i respect your opinion regarding this..:)

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  10. Bold post
    I'm agnostic.. :-)
    cuz sometimes miracles happen...w/o reason..and u dunno who is maybe there is someone called God :-)

  11. greatttttttttt work
    u forgot to mention that muslim thing in our area
    m an agnostic
    i feel both powers exist in a balance.
    evryone has thier own individual opinions on belifs,and u right in urs
    all in all ur really improving
    keep it up!

  12. hey....first time at your blog and i find a rather interesting seems to me is that your atheism is a manifestation of your rebellion..the fact that you were forced to believe GOD hence you chose not to...
    i don't believe in the religious interpretation of GOD...the thought that someone is sitting there listening to the prayers of billions of people is simply ridiculous....but i like to believe that there is are superior beings, things seem more interesting this way...

    do give my blog a visit..

  13. I believe in God... I believe there is one ultimate power that runs the whole universe. What i dont believe is in religion and division of people based on that. I believe in God is one :).

  14. @neha.... what a analusis yaar....great work

  15. Hey Neha
    Views similar to mine... even I posted exactly similar views on my blog few months ago. Right from birth, we are forced to believe in God. Pity that people don't analyse things themselves. By the time they are mature enough to analyse and weigh things themselves, they are already hardcore believers.
    I also grew up in a missionary school and faced similar stuff!

    My belief is that being religious is more about being human than being a theist. Division of humans into religions is the worst thing that could have happened to humanity.

  16. Well, I loved reading this post of yours. I feel the same way as you do.

    But, how do you account for nature? the first tree, the first human etc etc. "God Created them" says one of my friends. Hard to believe but I can't say anything back because I don't have an answer.

    I feel GOD is a mere CREATOR OF LIFE, and a POOR MANAGER. I hope you get it.

    Since we use his resources everyday, I guess one must be thankful(prayers). Again, it is one's choice to thank someone, isn't it?

    My view on GOD as a small story:

    Also, check this one related to your post:

  17. @ manav: glad we have similar views!

    @ suree: respect!

    @ the virgin author: I beleive every phenomenon can be scientifically proved!

    @ venky: done!

    @ bikramjit: prayer services are torture for me!

    @ r. ramesh: haha! sure, me respect too...

    @ sid: LOL :P

    @ appu: many do so :)

    @ ayu: i did!

    @ mugdha: I beleive every phenomenon can be scientifically proved and if it hasn't by now sometime in future it will :)

    @ varsha: thanks :)

    @ oxymoron: there are many more reasons too

    @ harini: respect!

    @ manish: thanks...

    @ tanay: yes! humanity!

    @ rakesh: sure!

  18. Wow! that was just Wow...
    Of all the people confused whether to pray or not, therez a gal looking outta the window...

    I guess I'd rather believe in you than believe in God!

  19. this one is awesome..nice thought neha!!
    To me praying is just another form of self confession ..when we actually tel god to save us..we remind us that we have to be saved..we use a pseudo force that may or may not exist (debatable)
    eventually its not god but what you do and what you think that makes who you are!