Thursday, April 1, 2010

Random Rantings: Summer 2010, IPL...

I finished my semester 2 exams and performed hopelessly bad in economics and maths with bright chances of flunking! But after exams its always like Raat Gayi Baat Gayi :P Planned out a day trip with my college pals to Alibaug and here are few pics...
 Sea Face :)
 Me in the pink cap :P
 Friends who make college lectures bearable :D
 Tour Guiding in process, I wasn't interested in listening to history so was busy clicking pics! ;)
 Picture perfect...

 Small ferry in which we traveled...
 Read more about this place here.

After what seems like ages I am out from the so-called writer's block although I don't consider myself much of a writer :P 

IPL is back with a bang! I am supporting Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Banglore, Deccan Chargers, Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Superkings in that order. So you see I basically don't support the teams owned by the bollywood celebrities. Ah! Even I don't know why :P Two more teams will be introduced next year and the season will go on for 94 days!!! Modi is such a greedy ass I tell you. Does he think that people got no work to simply sit and watch his IPL? It will simply ruin the charm...

P.S My new blog avtaar with a super cool header all thanks to the super ossum SID :)


  1. I liked the pictures, loved the whole new look of the blog ;).

  2. hey happy birthday yar.y u blinking? today is april 1 buddy...nice to c u guys had a gala time in alibag...keep the show going..and thanks 4 keeping the blog world alive and kicking..cheers..

  3. oho oho...:P somebody is back from the closet...welcome back...and i mean it cos this is the 2nd time I am welcoming u back...:P

    keep writing...:P

    I don't watch cricket but I see you got a team of teams you support...:P good. :D

  4. Exams are meant to be bad, or how could we crib about it ! :P

    If I ever come to Mumbai, please assure me of a trip to Alibaug and introduction to some hot chicks around ;)
    Please update the pictures on your album, it's no good if I can't comment on them .. !:D Like the pictures though ! :)

    I supported KINGS and DD, Preity has let me down, let's see what Delhi has in store, and Lalit Modi has a greedy ass, how do you know :P :P

    Nice to have you back, blogging .. Take care ! :)

    Sourav .. in love with me and life!! :)

  5. superb header.. good to know that you enjoyed.. charming.. :)

  6. @ harini : thank you girl! :)

    @ r. ramesh : you actually got me thinking for a while with your prank :P

    @ sid : hahahaha! team of teams :P par kya karu? i like so many cricketers :P

    @ sourav : KINGS are in for a very bad time this season too! well they suck! :P

    @ arpitha holla : thanks :)

  7. after lukin at jeolous...
    am like stuck with colg time for anything alibaug and all toh cant even think of :(
    btw super cool blog,sid did a nice job ha

  8. love your pink cap...:P and awesome p;lace i must say :)

    if you're ain't busy, pls. check out my latest post :D

  9. i saw these pics in FB too. Your new blog avatar rocks esp the header is great. Yes i agree MOdi is such a greedy ass

  10. @ varsha : yeah I know! :P

    @ ayu : sure! :)

    @ venky : all thanks to sid! :D

  11. nice pics... i think u had a great time...

    hah IPL, I suppert Mumbai Indians,Deccan Chargers in that order.But i dont see any of the match coz i am not ready to see more ads than the play.not sure what happens next time wit almost 100 matches :)

  12. Watta template!!

    Nice pictures by the way :)

  13. memories back from the years now! :( ... anyways me supporting CSK ...AND kkr

  14. Oh i have been there lovely place right ?:)

  15. arre great header..Siddie ne mast kaam kiya hai :D

    u appeared for 11th exams kya? you know; I had scored 35 in 4 out of 6 subjects then..thank god I don't have to study that any I still have the record of maintaining 35 marks throughout :P

  16. My first time here I think...
    Awesome place alibag...

    My town is just an hour from there...
    So we're like "Kuch kaam nahi, lets go to alibag"

    Well I'm following this blog now... Will read the rest of the post fursat mein...

    BTW you are my 50th follower... YAY to that!

  17. i didn't know you have a new blog :-(
    but i'm following now!
    awesome beach pics..!
    awesome signature thingie..!
    tell me how you did it ;-)
    Mumbai Indians rock!

  18. Liked the pictures. The template can still be improved though.

  19. IPL is over too and worldcup too for indians..

    nice pictures..

    miss my college days

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  21. hey sum of my frnds wer planning for alibug n here we landed on ur blogpost....real nic writeups in the previous articles....xams really r a yuck...

  22. hmmm the pics are wow.. wish i cud do tooo

    One day

    Good keep it up

  23. nice pics...brought whole lot of memories....
    thanks :)

  24. @ suree: yeah I sure did :D

    @ sruthisagar yamunan: thanks! :)

    @ sorcerer: I am glad!

    @ hary: cheer up! :)

    @ vintage obsession: it sure is :P

    @ neha: hahaha! nope I am in SY! :P

    @ nile: tx

    @ saurabh panshikar: wow you are lucky :)

    @ rohini: thanks :D

    @ mugdha: arey very easy! I will give you the link

    @ the virgin author: I know but I am an immature :(

    @ gauri mathur: thanksssssss :P

    @ chriz: thanks! :)

    @ uncensored raj: they always are!!!

    @ bikramjit: yeah it is awesome.

    @ readers dais: I am glad :)

    @ haddock: yup! :D