Sunday, July 17, 2011

25 things to do before I am 25!

I here you saying, "That is if you survive!"
To hell I will, evil people don't die that easy :D

1.) Learn to cook

2.) Learn to Drive

3.) Control Spending

4.) Take family on a vacation at my own expense

5.) Ride on the roller coaster

6.) Design a space

7.) Learn to play tennis

8.) Get a tattoo

9.) Own a pair of designer denims

10.)  Find a job I love

11.) Attend a poolside/beach party

12.) Take a trip to another country

13.) Flaunt short hair

14.) Donate/ charity

15.) Paragliding

16.) East healthy, stay fit

17.) Learn to play chess

18.) Have a collection of atleast 50 good books

19.) Road-trip with friends

20.) Learn a new dance form

21.) Get permission for a night-out from parents and not lie about it

22.) Own basic make-up stuff

23.) Start a savings account

24.) Learn yoga

25.) Random carefree holiday in Goa with friends

P.S: Time starts NOW! (wish me luck)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

That thing about career !

I am sometimes very amazed to see how people are really sorted about their life/career. I, however at this age of 20 seem very clueless of what I want to do ahead in my life. My mantra of 'living in the moment and not thinking about future' is beginning to haunt me! People around me are so very ambitious that it’s starting to creep me out, not that it is any of their faults. According to me there are 3 aspects of choosing a career 1.) Childhood passion, 2.) Parental pressure or 3.) Herd mentality

I have somehow tried and tested all the 3 categories. During the last few years of my high school I was so sure that I wanted to be like my Dad. He is an interior designer/decorator. I always looked forward to when he took me to his sites. The smell of paint or polish never sickened me. I enjoyed being in those big open spaces waiting to redesigned and renovated. Also the Decor magazines and sample designs, they gave me some sort of thrill! (Childhood passion).

Then came the 10th board exams and I managed to score a decent 85. After the results were out, my mom expressed her to desire that she wanted to see me become an engineer (Parental pressure). But she forgot that I happen to be a Sagittarius and when someone tells me 'to do this', I will end up doing the exact opposite!

I wouldn't blame her for my decision to choose the commerce field but I also had this hatred for science. Class 11th passed by mostly adapting to the weird non-school environment. By the time 12th arrived people were busy making plans for the future and joining coaching for the same. Like literally from the dumbest kid you could find upto the brightest mind, whoever you asked wanted to become a C.A. There was so much hype created that it made to believe if I didn't take it up, there might be chances that I would end begging on streets! To this and also thanks to improper guidance of a Professor which led me to think that I had it in me to become C.A and making those big bucks. I enrolled for the classes of its entrance exam (Herd mentality). Let me tell you something about my concentration span, I have never crossed the upper limit of 20 minutes. But the lectures went on for hours and I ended up gossiping with my friends. On one of those nights where you don't seem to be getting any sleep and thinking about your life and what have you achieved so far apart from wasting your dad's hard earned money, I realized that I was making a terrible mistake! I was never interested in doing accounts and it took hours to understand a single concept. I knew I had to somehow escape this field before its too late.

When I told my dad he was all cool about it and asked what I wanted to do instead. At that time BMS seemed liked a 'fun' course and also that I don't have to be worried about anything for the next 3 years. Apart from economics and accounts I liked studying the rest of the subjects of business but again there was guilt inside me every single day that I should have been in a creative field!

And yet again I have been caught up in a phase where people around me are taking decisions about their future or following their dreams. It has been a wake-up alarm for me again. I hate to admit that even at this stage I am so clueless of what I want to do. But over a series of sleepless nights I have decided to skip Masters for the moment and get a suitable job for myself after graduation! *Fingers-crossed! :)