Monday, December 14, 2009


Ok! Without wasting much time let quickly share with you my birthday wishlist! :P
NO NO! I ain't so cruel :D And the space in this post won't be enough to mention things I want on this day ;) yeah I agree I am demanding and materialtic too! :P Atleast being honest ;)

Was wondering round the year what was so special about the 18th birthday? Yeah ok there is the whole LEGALIZING of ALL your activites. But why so much fuss? You learn to drive but there are restrictions put by your parents! Your are eligible to vote but you hardly care.

As I have been cursed to fall ill at wrong times. I am horribly stuck at home due to sickness :( with bad cold and practically no voice to talk.

P.S But no worries! Planning to watch new moon again with a friend coz I am yet to decide who was hotter edward or jacob? ;P