Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A chat which called for a political blog post!

Today afternoon, I was chatting with a friend about the famous political leader in Mumbai, Raj Thackeray. He says, he supports him to which I replied that though I don't support him I guess his agenda is right. When I was doing my internship with this company, I noticed that many employees were migrants from various northern, eastern and southern states. To which I don't have any problem at all but since you have come to mumbai and this is your "karmabhoomi" you might as well embrace it! Coming to work daily and cribbing how awful place this is you might better get your ass of here. However, I also met a few people who are in total love with this city though it is fast paced and were also making an effort to learn the local language, but that again is a rare case.

Again I don't favor any party here coz I believe in a country like India, whether it is party A or party B, neither have any potential to offer anything substancial. Over the years of what I have noticed there hasn't been any remarkable offering by any party. Every political party in India weighs equal pros and cons to which I believe the only reason is that this country is caste-driven and always will be.

India always stands out in the world map coz of its varied culture but I believe it has been our major weakness as well. Simply consider India without so many religions, castes or languages; with the amount of existing resources I am sure we would be a great hit! But we won't have anything to brag about are glorious past, right?

P.S: You are allowed to differ! :)