Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just last night I was thinking that I can do more worthwhile things then just harvesting my crops, fighting, robbing, cooking, feeding fishes etc. Mind you all virtually! I don't have a single degree of guts or knowledge to do any of those in real. So now if I fail my exams its facebook's fault!!! Trust me social networking is more addicting then smoke and booze. Its a sheer treat for your eyes watching behenjis from your school turning babes posing in what can be called ‘notice-me-stunt’. Those outrageous status messages TyPeD iN a mAnNeR which seems stylish only to them and a pain for the readers. Ahh! and I can go on and on...

So well its a new day and I plan to begin my phase 2 in blogging (yeah I did have a silly blog previously as well) from here on hopefully reducing the number of hours I spend on facebook running those useless applications Cheers!!! :)

P.S Facebook isn't that bad after all ;P