Sunday, July 17, 2011

25 things to do before I am 25!

I here you saying, "That is if you survive!"
To hell I will, evil people don't die that easy :D

1.) Learn to cook

2.) Learn to Drive

3.) Control Spending

4.) Take family on a vacation at my own expense

5.) Ride on the roller coaster

6.) Design a space

7.) Learn to play tennis

8.) Get a tattoo

9.) Own a pair of designer denims

10.)  Find a job I love

11.) Attend a poolside/beach party

12.) Take a trip to another country

13.) Flaunt short hair

14.) Donate/ charity

15.) Paragliding

16.) East healthy, stay fit

17.) Learn to play chess

18.) Have a collection of atleast 50 good books

19.) Road-trip with friends

20.) Learn a new dance form

21.) Get permission for a night-out from parents and not lie about it

22.) Own basic make-up stuff

23.) Start a savings account

24.) Learn yoga

25.) Random carefree holiday in Goa with friends

P.S: Time starts NOW! (wish me luck)