Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Does Ishqiya falter only because it doesn't provide the audience with another boy meets girl shitty romantic tale?

After having watched a series of TYPICAL bollywood movies where the boy likes a girl, girl likes boy but there is always this barrier in between them which they try overcoming during the course of movie. Once that is done, the boy kisses girl and they sing happy songs ever after...

So just because variety is the spice of life and mainly I was bored of the usual drama so I decided to go and watch ISHQIYA.

Well definitely the movie has some charm which keeps you alive throughout the movie. The main reason for some disliking the movie can be its language. I mean if you suck at hindi then this movie is definitely a NO! My daily conversation includes 90% hindi (yeah I live in Mumbai ;P ) yet I failed to get some of the humor in the film. But the ones which I did manage to grab were hilarious! Don't blame the movie for its abusive language or vulgarity, the movie was set in a village if you didn't notice. On a whole awesome acting by every actor, great plot and good music. My favorite being Ibn-e-batuta. I won't bore you by discussing the story and the plot, go and check it out by yourselves! It is a refreshing change trust me :) RATING 3/5


  1. Ishqiya does has a refreshing plot that will send home most of the Rajarshi films fan(are there any left alive)....


    Not suitable for children, i mean literally...

  2. Nice :) movie. Doesn't make a mark!

  3. My rating : 6/5 :D
    I was the one who SUPPORTED this movie .. and MOST of your friends disliked it :P :P
    Those 'Chutiyam Suplhate's" who couldn't get through the essence of this movie, should be handed over a no-return-passport to Nigeria or Bulgaria ;)

    And as the wise man rightly said, "Tera ishq ISHQ, mera ishq SEX" :D

  4. aadha toh samjha nahi...aur mast mein post dala!
    its an okay-ish movie..like am not saying this because of the girl not meeting the boy thing..its because the story was like this mch and they made it luk THIS mch.
    my ratin...2.5/5..
    i wud have given a 3 but i remvod my anger over the vodafone tuesday thing also...so -0.5 marks off for it

  5. I need to wait for the subtitles then..my hindi aint that strong!

  6. Have heard a lot bout this movie. Will try n watch it.

  7. Planning for it, this weekend :) :)

  8. I loved the movie... good change... watched MNIK today... not so good!!

  9. Watched de movie..........a little bit different concept...My rating for the movie is 3.5/5...
    Nice blog...

    keep writing

  10. i loved the movie and infact i am going to rewatch the movie again...movie is for those who want good cinema rather then any sharukh rab ne bana di jodi .
    I liked your review:)

  11. You have an award. And oh, i saw the movie and i loved it!

  12. @ sid : you bet! not at all!!!

    @ jaky : yeah true! whom to blame? o_O

    @ sourav : i love that dialogue =))

    @ varsha : tujhe toh pura hi nahi samjha :P

    @ harini : please do :)

    @ hary : sure then that way it is but the language is the essence of the film too!

    @ shas : sure :)

    @ III hIgH : you should like it hopefuly!

    @ zeba : glad you agree :)

    @ vijay : thanks...

    @ anamika : you got it right! GOOD CINEMA in true sense :)

    @ harini : aww thanks :)