Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Girls Don't Come With A "HELP YOURSELF" Tag!!!

This is to all those guys who can't keep their penis in their pants or rather their eyes to themselves. I may sound a bit feminist today, so be it! If this is all it takes to get all the male species brains back.

A big Fuck You to...

1. to the ones taking advantage of the crowd and considering it heavenly to brush their shoulders against a girl's or walking past her and dashing her. Oh come on! Do you like think that we were born yesterday and can't differentiate between what's deliberate and what's not?

I face a similar situation almost everyday! I stay in the suburbs of Mumbai and travel everyday to town for college by train. There hasn't ever been a single day as far as I remember since college started that I have walked peacefully upto the railway platform without being dashed by anyone. I know its peak hours and people are darn late to work but hello! can't you see the ample of space around that you HAVE TO brush against me?

2. to the ones taking advantage of a crowded public transport bus and rubbing their penis against the female passengers. I mean seriously GO GET A LIFE! Just coz you can't get a fuck for yourself doesn't mean you fool around in public!

I myself haven't been in such a disgusting situation but heard a lot from my female friends.

3. to those who can't shut the fuck up every time they see a girl passing by. I have been a victim to the most outrageous comments passed.

4. to those who in one long stare imagine the girl in all possible positions! I know its sort of a universal rule that you check out a hot person of the opposite sex but hell no! I don't check out your tools. Can't you like limit yourself to a simple glance or to the face? Coz there is no chance that you can have that girl.

5. to those who blame girls for their so-called INDECENT dressing. Guys can freely roam in their shorts and vest. Then why the hypocrisy? huh?

But no! I am not at all mad at all males around in fact it is us, girls to be blamed! I have all mentioned in the post whats been happening with me but never have I gathered the guts to go and revolt against it. But trust me next time I see a guy staring at me in restaurant I am so going and slapping him. No, I wont ask him whether he has a mother or sister at home, coz probably he has and has never paid respect to them!



  1. wow!
    miss critic turned revolutionarist!
    great job
    bt the sad part is none of those losers will get to read this..
    its a pain evryday to face this ...itss soo yuck..

  2. nice one....Neha, you know I always blame girls for being so sobby sobby when it comes to eve teasing. See perverts are there, will be there, so you don't keep complaining about them, instead go on, start adam-teasing them back. Show your guts, people will come to rescue.

    I remember one mother telling her daughter to shoo off or she WONT get married...idiot mother, i wanted to poison her, but the girl stopped me...X(

  3. Whoo!! amazin write lady. thoroughly loved it. the next time somebody eveteases you, give it back. but be sure to be backed up with a little bit of safety in case the issue goes a bit overboard. you'll feel damn good when u give it back to him on his face. Trust me, i did :)

  4. i blame the narrow mindedness of our society.

    and yes sachin is God //period//

  5. Tell me about it? I hate these despo guys seriously. Once in a bus, i had to put up a huge fight with this 30 year old to stop pressing his penis against me. You know what the most surprising part was?? when i was yelling none supported.

  6. really pathethic. @ 2nd point Ew disgust do people do that yuck

  7. Are we really need to do something about it. Women abuse just sucks, for the society as whole.

  8. love ur writin and yes plz take a stand next time !!

  9. Can really not agree more !
    And do not care about if anyone supports you or not, if any such thing happens, just stand for yourself .. make sure you get the hell out of any such loser, if you come across one !

    Great post and greater is the courage and spirit to talk about such an issue.. ! Well Done ! :)

  10. First time here and i am speechless...

    one need lotta courage to write like this...

    Hats off to you....

    As you said, go slap any one next time anyone stares at you....

  11. The part of ur post below the was awesome..thts exactly where we all fail...we may write abt abuse but the courage lies in standing up against it...

    Good Luck n jus initiate..i m sure u wil lhv many followers :) :)

  12. @ varsha : i know no one will read this yet this is to self empower myself in a way.

    @ sid : yeah i don't mind fighting against it if i am in a situation like it but i can't when i am not armed as in koi toh hona chahiye na backup?

    @ dr. chandana : wow! i hope i gather guts to do so :)

    @ amogh: yeah me too! hope it improves :)

    @ harini : aww! too bad. that can be another problem in itself. no ones bothered. no on cares.

    @ venky : yes many more examples waiting if you wish to know?

    @ jaky : too disappointing! i knw! :)

    @ simran : thanks! i will :)

    @ sourav : i will though i still doubt my courage and yeah thanks :)

    @ suree :)

    @ urvashi : hopefully..

  13. hey datz an awesome article yaa.....luvd it....itz so damn true....!!

  14. heyya...amazing tym b sure 2 slap dat despo..!

  15. @ gaurangi : thanks :) sadly true!

    @ sailee : hopefully i will...

  16. haha.. i had a nice time.. sachin is awesome indeed

  17. lifeisbeautiful03March 4, 2010 at 8:05 PM

    Now that i say was something....good job gal! and yes dear i agree with you that we females are responsible fro ourselves... we always keep quiet to things which are going around us... instead of saying "yeah it happens all the time ignore it" we should not forget it ...instead by reading your post i am inspired to slap the man if i find myself in nay of the situations you mentioned above.
    have a great day!

  18. @ chriz : nice time? :S

    @ lifeisbeautiful03 : i am glad my write-up could inspire you :)

  19. You are so very right...It irritates me so very much...I seriously get a murderous intent...

    PS---I have yelled at someone who was doing it to someone else on the bus which kinda led to the everyone taking him off the bus. I cant understand why some women cannot stand up to them.

  20. @ pavitra : murderous intent? i get too!!!

    @ himanshu : but just being bold on my blog won't be enough! hope i gather guts in real life too...

  21. Woah! Now that's a hard-hitting post.. I came here through IndiBlogger just to check out your blog.. I could never imagine a college girl writing this.. Very brave yaar!

    You must be a very determined girl.. Anyway, writing this won't do much help. A hard slap is the best way to bring perverts to shame...

    I myself witnessed a girl on the verge of being molested. I have converted it into an article I think you may like it!

    Btw, amazing blog, yaar.. Too good for a college girl. Just splendid!

  22. @ parth : Thanks...will check that out! :)

  23. Nice share !! and written in crudest form. It's a fact and a must read for all those loose hanging souls all around.

  24. Very well written....Very true... U see a lot of literate people here but not educated ones.... Loosers...Keep up the good writing.....

  25. @ karan: thanks for the support! :)

    @ navendu sharma: I sure will.

  26. Hey,
    amazingly written!! I can totally relate and i think every girl in india can relate to this..
    u should share this on Hollaback!- an initiative against street harassment
    heres the site for mumbai:

  27. Neha: I commend you for a great post and highly appreciate your guts to spill out those ugly moments that most girls/women dare not to utter...

    I totally understand your frustration and frustrations of the women in India or in those places where they have to live through this day to day. I am just thankful for not having to face it as I have been out of our country for a long time.

    However, as a word of caution - you may need to work through organized efforts like Blank noise, fight-back or hola-back to create a sense of social awareness around the issue.

    By slapping someone in public you may not get the support you deserve and will rather see the public turn against you and you may end up in a real fix. I would urge you to think of options that will help you and other woman. There could be better ways than looking like an offender.

    I admire your courage and want you to succeed on behalf of all women in India.

  28. it would be great to create a pictorial sign and place it at important junctions in the city....a bold in your face reminder is a sure detriment to potential criminals who have women abuse on their also builds a collective consciousness in an instant, with a common point of focus