Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BRAgging all the way! :P

Are you wondering whats wrong with the chicks in your facebook friend list? Are you wondering why the fuck are they putting up colours as their status messages? Well my dear friends I am here to clear your mind. As it is female gender is hard to decipher! :)

Of all I know this was started to spread breast cancer awareness. So as a part of it many facebook users (obviously females) received a message to put up their BRA color as a status update! Can you fucking beleive that? I mean you can give me one plain simple reason how this can spread awareness and I call myself a dumbass! It simply helped guys drooling over their monitor screens. nothing else dont you agree?

Gathered a few case studies for you:

Case 1

Here are few guys caught behind the facebook wall gossiping the current affairs.

Mr. A : The color thing is totally stupid!

Mr. B comments:
I dunno about you, but i'll always support the cause for healthy boobs ;)
Trust me, it's for our benifit.

(wtf? :O atleast guys don't be so open enough with your pervie thoughts! )

Case 2

Here is a girl who sort this as an oppotunity to flaunt all her colorful lingerie in her wadrobe which she otherwise couldn't show off!

Miss. A : 10th january, 9am Baby pink...........!!!! ;)

Miss. A : 10th january, 3pm Black :P

Miss. A : 10th january, 8pm White :)

(Even I am yet to figure out the reason why this girl changes so often? :S )

Didn't all this amuse you?
So how about?
leopard print? naah?
goofy smile? damn!
fluorescent color? still no? well you suck!

P.S-My blog revived! yay! :D
P.P.S- I am a little slow to comment on your blog maybe...but I definately will be around soon!
P.P.P.S- How many of you actually did expect a picture in this post? :P



  1. ha ha ha...yeah... saw the hilarious... and yes I also support the cause for healthy boobs...:D

    we stare cause we care...:P

  2. hahaha OMG. the other day Michael slater was wearing a pink suit on the new years day test AUS vs Pak and now this. Perhaps they were successful cause you are blogging about it and people giving out those weird status messages :)

  3. omg!this one was soo amazing!
    nice one!
    well projected
    hope those sluts get the msg

  4. @ sid : MEN WILL BE MEN !

    @ venky : Oh! Did he? I don't see how they were successful coz I neglected it first myself and i dont see the awareness spreading just guys simply having a gala time watching it! awareness is when you elaborate about the matter and provide remedies!

    @ varsha : I wish they do! sex-starved!

  5. i like..i like...
    the fluorescents..and goofy smile :P

  6. Didn't see the colour status on your facebook .. was wondering :P
    One advantage of having girl who are good friends around you is "having updates of what's what and why's why about girls" .. and thankfully I have good friends :D .. And my response to the colour updates was .. "Thanks for the info, it'll help me better with my imaginations" :D :P

  7. Ms. A is hot.

    i'd totally hit on that.

  8. @ jharna : don't lie! i know you like pink :P

    @ sourav : you expect me to perform such a wannabe stunt! huh? so seems like you were also drooling over your monitor screen! *claps*

    @ deluded : oh is it! will message you her number very soon !

  9. I definitely participated on the color status :p it's cute when my boyfriend innocently asked what's up with all the girls and their colorful status lately :p oh, if he knew :p

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    So if you have an account in 20-Something Bloggers please help vote for her. All you have to do is visit here and write "I vote for Cheryl from Confession Of Twenty-Something Years Old" or "I second this nomination" :D thanks so much before, I hope you participate!

  10. hey,
    Interesting info, I never would have found out. Thats interesting and maybe your disgust(?) is justifiable. However, its pretty ingenious. I mean think about it, PETA features half naked(sometimes buck naked :P) actresses to spread awareness. Its much covered up since only bra colours are being shared.

    Yes, its got nothing to do with supporting the 'breast cancer' cause but the matter of fact is - its a catchy concept.

    Keep blogging. I'll be reading.


  11. @ sourav : i can't expect any better from you !

    @ andhari : trust me no guy was innocent on that day! all guys just trying to act i-know-nothing. i am still 18 with no account 20SB so sorry :(

    @ shashank : catchy or no-catchy didnt help the cause in anyway! welcome to my blog :)

  12. yeah i did saw MICHAEL SLATER, looked like a clown in lalaland. And breast cancer = bra color not very clever.

    but yes we guys wont change :P

  13. I am learning about this only now. I haven't noticed any colors in status messages of any of my friends... :P Whatever goes on in people's minds... It was not amusing to me..!

  14. that was my reaction tooo !


    Pankhuri Aggarwal wonders that black|purple|silver|orange|green|pink|yellow|brown|polka dots|red|colorless|vibgyor|white|blue is REALLY NOT MAKING a difference. Neither does it seem to decrease the breast cancer patients, nor does it seem to decrease the chilling and biting weather. So WEAR MORE *Sigh*

    this was my status at that time when this was happening ! plus there is a guy who says colors colors everywhere but not a single sight to see !


  15. this is for real?? am hooked in FB and never hav seen anything like this!! well at least now i know when i see some status as such!! OMG neha!

  16. @ amogh : dude! thanks for agreeing with me! i am so proud of you!

    @ suryapal : the hell you do! :P

    @ darshan : good to hear that!

    @ pankhuri : ausum dudette! i would love to read the comments to that status!

    @ hary : yeah hary you missed it big time! :P

  17. Lol....a friend of mine had an interesting comment when i changed my status to "Whats with all the women punching in different colors on FB"....he said, and i quote "Let me explain with on of confucious's sayings - Women who put color as status message is looking at support from within" Your take on the even was interesting too. Nice blog :D

  18. @ arun : thanks for dropping by :)

  19. I agree. My female friends started this and the males were all out to find it.But,yes,how this actually supports the awareness part is still beyond my logical scope.